Tiddler’s baby-led weaning adventure

Now that Tiddler is 6-months, he is showing an interest in joining us for family mealtimes. With Toddler, we successfully used the Baby-Led Weaning method, and have opted to do the same with Tiddler. Memories of Toddler looking tiny when he first sat in his high-chair have come flooding back; Tiddler looks just the same! […]

Naughty step, you have been naughty

Toddler has had the ‘terrible twos’ for months now. At least that’s the label we like to give his behaviour that includes tantrums, hitting, throwing his toys and just generally being obnoxious. I’ve tried reasoning with him (according to one Health Visitor, you can’t really reason with children under the age of 3), telling him […]

Crafty fun for Easter

I was looking for some Easter type crafts and came across a great website called First Palette which has some downloadable templates for colouring in and cutting out plus seasonal crafting ideas. I found some lovely Easter Egg templates, and also a Lion mask (not very Easter-y I know, but was something Toddler would like). […]

5 Things to do on a snowy day

The weather hasn’t been particularly kind to us over recent months, being so cold with plenty of snow that still hasn’t quite gone even though it’s almost Easter! So what is there to do on a cold wintery day to keep a toddler entertained? There’s only so much TV you can watch; the key is to […]