How to keep the kids entertained during a long car journey

With the Easter hols in full swing, you may be thinking about travelling somewhere by car (either your own, or a hire car).  Fortunately for us, we don’t do too many long car journeys other than to visit the in-laws, or on the occasional family holiday (our last was to Cornwall, it took almost 8 hours […]

5 Things to do on a snowy day

The weather hasn’t been particularly kind to us over recent months, being so cold with plenty of snow that still hasn’t quite gone even though it’s almost Easter! So what is there to do on a cold wintery day to keep a toddler entertained? There’s only so much TV you can watch; the key is to […]

Soft play fun for Toddler, frazzled nerves for Mummy

I always come back from soft play with my nerves in tatters. I know this is crazy. Toddler loves it – he has a grand old time jumping about in the ball pool, going down the slide and gleefully bouncing off the big, squishy shapes. This also generally wears him out enough that he has […]

Holidaying in Cornwall: Cycling the Camel Trail

If there was one activity we were all agreed on during our holiday in Cornwall, it was cycling the Camel Trail. The Camel Trail runs along the beautiful Camel Estuary for 16 miles from Padstow to the edge of Bodmin Moor, following the trackbed of the old LSWR railway line. It features some spectacular scenery […]

Should children and babies be banned from restaurants?

A hot topic on BBC’s Breakfast today, and one sure to get emotions running high! Today, BBC Breakfast debated whether children and babies should be allowed in restaurants. As you can imagine, there were plenty of comments both for and against. So, should children be banned from restaurants? I admit, I used to be one […]