Toddler chicken nugget recipe – 12 nuggets for less than 79p!

This is a good recipe for using leftover roast chicken, makes yummy nuggets for little tummies and unlike shop bought ones, doesn’t contain any nasty stuff. Plus they cost me less than 79p to make and I make enough for 3 Toddler meals! Recipe (makes around 12 nuggets – more if you make them smaller) […]

Tiddler’s baby-led weaning adventure

Now that Tiddler is 6-months, he is showing an interest in joining us for family mealtimes. With Toddler, we successfully used the Baby-Led Weaning method, and have opted to do the same with Tiddler. Memories of Toddler looking tiny when he first sat in his high-chair have come flooding back; Tiddler looks just the same! […]

Why shopping at your local market is stressful but may save you money

As part of my recent epiphany about saving money on our food shop, I decided that I should try to buy fruit and vegetables at our local market. Everything I have read about economising mentions how useful these markets are, how you can save lots of money, buy seasonal and local produce thus not only […]

Scones baking fun (& budget friendly @ 83p for 13!)

I’m on a roll this week, getting Toddler doing different things. First we had lentil fun with the water / sand table. Next, I decided to make some wholemeal scones for Toddler to snack on, and get Toddler involved. I worked out it cost 83p to make these 13 scones – budget friendly and they […]

Recipe: Chocolate Chip Biscuits

We keep a well-stocked baking cupboard, just in case we need a yummy treat and the shops are closed (and because we also like baking!). This recipe is a tried and tested one in our household, and can be made with or without chocolate chips. The basic biscuit recipe can also be altered easily should […]

Weaning update and Annabel Karmel recipies

Little J is getting on really well with weaning, so much so, that we’ve dropped one of his bottles, and he’s now on 3 bottles a day. J’s had such culinary delights in the past week as cottage pie, lentils and sweet potato, chicken tikka masala, tomato and basil pasta, and home made burger and […]