Introducing a calm, serene, earth mother, effortlessly gliding through daily life with two perfect little boys gazing up in adoration…

If only she existed. The reality is more like clumsy, guilt-prone, indecisive slummy mummy battling to survive one day at a time. There are two near-perfect little boys who do occasionally look up adoringly, but this is swiftly followed by the splat of baby sick over mummy’s newly washed jumper, or a well aimed mega-blok thrown at mummy’s head.

A freelance CV and business writer by trade, I also enjoy writing about parenting, pregnancy health and fitness (ante- and post-natal), running a business, recruitment and being self-employed.

I am passionate about arts and crafts and find it therapeutic to make things. I have run my own fingerprint jewellery business in the past, and made my own wedding jewellery and tiara, plus most of the jewellery I wear. I made a lovely feeding cover before Tiddler arrived that I got much use out of (which saved me lots of money too) plus lots of little zipped bags that I use for everything from storing make-up to keeping nappies and wipes separate in my changing bag. Recently I’ve moved into home decor and have sewn curtains for the kids bedroom and a duvet cover and pillowcase for Toddler. I may get around to posting some how-to’s on these things one day!

I also love writing about my life as Mummy to a toddler and a baby (aka Toddler aged 2.5, and Tiddler, aged 5-months).

Welcome to my world.



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