Toddler crafts: colourful paper-plate birds

decorated paper-plate birds

decorated paper-plate birds

Rooting through the craft box from the playgroup to come up with a new craft idea, I found a load of different coloured tissue paper and some ‘googly eyes’. Little ones love to stick things with glue, so I bought some cheap paper plates* and settled on a ‘bird’ theme.

These wobbly birds can be decorated in all sorts of ways and look really nice 😀

As always, we did a trial run at home just to make sure it would work.

The tots at playgroup loved sticking the different coloured items onto the plates and came up with all sorts of styles, including one bird with 12 googly eyes!

paper-plate bird craft

First gather your craft items; we had PVA glue, a selection of torn up tissue paper, some stick-on googly eyes, colourful craft feathers and assorted bits and bobs such as mini pom-poms, stick on stars and glitter glue pens.

Take a paper plate and fold in half. Stick on a googly eye (we just decorated one side, but you can decorate both).

Using the glue, get creative and decorate your bird.

decorated paper-plate bird

decorated paper-plate bird

Toddler crafts - decorated paper-plate bird

decorated paper-plate bird

* I tried this using thick paper circles the first time round (you can see the circles in one of the pictures above), however, as we used a fair amount of glue, the paper started to bend slightly so the bird didn’t wobble. The paper plates were much thicker and worked better.