The season of infancy

Next week sees the official end of my maternity leave; I’ll be returning to work in my capacity as a professional CV writer. I do this from home and work around family commitments, so on a day to day basis, not too much will change – I’ll still be looking after the two little monkeys and getting to see them grow up. It did make me think however how quickly the time goes.

Tiddler is now 8-months old and advancing so quickly – aside from zipping about on all-fours, he’s standing up and can take tiny steps when I hold his hands! Toddler will be starting a pre-school playgroup in September, and we’ll need to start thinking about schools properly soon – my baby is now a proper little boy!

Those first few precious months with a newborn are such a sleep-deprived, emotional roller coaster that it’s hard to appreciate, and often (usually when feeding Tiddler at 3am) I would wish for this period of time to speed by as it was so difficult. Now those months are becoming a distant memory.

A friend said to me recently that bringing up infants ‘tis but a season’, and she’s right, in the grand scheme of life the infant years really are over in the blink of an eye. And that season can be what you make it – a long painful winter with small glimpses of sunshine, or a joyful, sun-filled spring with lots of colour and optimism. So for all the tantrums, constant wiping of dribble and nappy changes, I’m going to enjoy the baby years to the full and make this a spring season that lasts as long as possible.