Nappy Olympics

Whilst replacing Tiddler’s nappy earlier, I realised that nappy changing can be a bit like the Olympics.

Some days feel like nappy changing marathons, nappy change after nappy change with no let up until the last ‘dream’ change at 11pm, before falling into bed for 8-hours before any more nappy action.

Other days see a relay of changes – first Toddler, then Tiddler, then Toddler again, with both Mummy and Daddy handing over the changing baton for the next dirty nappy.

Then we have the sprint changes, the ones that I try to do as quickly as possible as I’ve not left myself enough time to get us all ready to leave the house (again); quite often these sprints can turn into the 800 or even 1500 metres, with multiple-changes having to be done followed by a switch of clothes due to unfortunate spillages.

Quite often, it’s not just running, but a combination of other disciplines. Gymnastics and wrestling for example, as Tiddler likes to mix things up a bit on the changing table; now he’s at the mobile stage he is a willing (and very able) participant in such sports. In fact, he would probably earn the gold medal for wrestling his way out of a clean nappy. There are times too when he adds a bit of Formula One style pit-stop action in just for good measure, giving Mummy a matter of seconds to get a nappy change done from him being placed on the changing table to him flipping over onto his front before speeding off and attempting to dive to the floor (Tom Daley style).

Not wanting to be outdone by the little ones, I am getting quite good at the nappy-bag shot-put into the bin.

So if one day, the nappy Olympics do actually come to town, I think we’ll be more than ready!