Toddler crafts – quick and easy pirate hats

Toddler in pirate hat

As it was such a dreary day outside, I decided to get crafty with Toddler again. This time we came up with hats – mainly pirate hats, but we also made some crowns too.

They were really easy to do and can be decorated in lots of different ways.

Here are the instructions for the pirate hat:

Take a piece of card around A3 size (we used some scrap book paper which was a bit too thin, I’d use slightly thicker card next time even though it worked ok).

Fold in half.

With the fold at top, place a bowl or small plate on the card and draw a hat shape using the bowl / plate as guidance.

pirate hat instructionsPirate hat instructions2Pirate hat instructions3

Cut around the line you drew. You’ll now have 2 pirate hat shaped pieces which can be decorated.

Pirate hat instructions4Pirate hat instructions5

Glue or use tape to stick the ends of the hat together and fold the sides, squeezing the hat outwards so it can be worn (see pic!).

Pirate hat instructions6Pirate hat instructions7

Wear with a smile 🙂

The hats can be decorated in lots of different ways. Ours was quick and simple and featured a biro-drawn skull and cross bones; Toddler also decorated another with stickers.

Toddler loved wearing his hats and convinced Mummy and Daddy to also wear them too…


Try felt tip pens, crayons, paints.
Stick foam or felt shapes on.
Make a pattern with glue and cover with glitter.

We also made a crown, and not wanting our little Gruffalo to miss out, we also made matching hats for her!

Gruffalo in pirate hat

Gruffalo in crown