Summer fun

So we finally had a bit of nice weather, the thermometer stayed above 20 degrees centigrade for several days in a row, which I believe in the UK we call a ‘heat wave’.

We decided to try out Toddler’s latest gift, a paddling pool from his Auntie, a lovely small multi-colour 3-ring one which I have to say, was much easier to deal with than the 8-foot swimming pool Auntie had been threatening to buy until I pointed out that it would take up pretty much the whole garden and require a significant amount of water to fill.

Paddling pool

I added some plastic balls, Toddler’s water mill and bucket and sat back on a garden chair to sun myself whilst Toddler went crazy for 30-minutes. He is a proper boy now; even when he started to shiver as the water had gone cold and the sun had gone in, he refused to come out. I had to tempt him with a snack!

Not wanting Tiddler to miss out on outdoor fun, we also had a picnic lunch; Tiddler loved grabbing at the food he could reach. For anyone following Baby-led weaning, we had cheesy pitta bread, veggie mini-sausages, cucumber and cherry tomatoes, hummus and rice cakes, then some strawberries (followed by a few sneaky blades of grass before I spotted him!). Yum!

Let’s hope summer really is here to stay so we can get outdoors a bit more.