Toddler crafts: sea collage

Ok, so as per an earlier post, in my playgroup leader capacity, I am trying to come up with suitable craft ideas for the group (ages 0 – 4). The upside of this is that Toddler gets to have a practice run beforehand.

I had the idea of collages – using different textures to create a picture. With summer coming up, I thought a seascape collage would be perfect. With this idea in mind, I cut up some assorted card with both straight and wavy scissors (various card colours, holographic and corrugated for textures etc) and Toddler and I set to work creating.

This is the ‘master’ collage, the kind of template I was thinking for the others to follow, or at least give them an idea of what can be done.sea collage 1

Simple to do, but the kids can get as creative as they like – as you can see from Toddler’s pictures!

This first one we did together:

sea collage 2

then I let him loose, just helping to add glue using the glue spreaders as though he’s fairly dextrous, this can be a bit tricky for him. Toddler’s final picture is a bit more abstract, which is great, as the point is to get him using his imagination.

sea collage3

I’ve kept the materials quite basic – various sorts of card, some foam, a few stickers, some pom-poms and pipe cleaners (I took care to bend the tops slightly as they were slightly sharp), plus glue and a piece of coloured card to stick things to.

The great thing about collages, is they can be altered for different themes – spring flowers or gardens, holidays such as Easter or Christmas, or to fit in with something the group might be focusing on that particular week.


Good ideas I’ve seen online include:

Keeping to one colour palette, e.g. blue;

Using paints in various shades of one colour to paint a background first before embellishing with different things – card, fabric, beads, stickers or craft foam;

Allowing older children to create an ‘emotions’ collage, e.g. using various items, images (maybe ripped from magazines) to show how they feel about something.

I’d love to hear about your toddler craft ideas!


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