Tiddler update: 7-months

Tiddler turned 7-months last week. I had a look back at my post from 5-months and am so shocked at how much he has changed already.

At 6-months he was starting to crawl (after a couple of weeks of rolling about); it really didn’t take him long to get going, he really took to it like a duck to water, and is speeding about the place now, so much so that I struggle to keep up with him sometimes. Last week he starting to pull himself up onto low-level furniture and actually tried to take a step towards me! I know you’re not supposed to compare children as they all develop at their own pace, but I feel constantly amazed at how much more advanced he seems at this age, compared to his older brother at the same age.

Another speedy first was the arrival of Tiddler’s first two teeth!! Two weeks ago, after several months of severe dribbling and much discomfort, they popped through one weekend – first one, then the next day the other to make a matching pair on his bottom gums. Toddler got his first tooth at the age of one, so again, Tiddler is speeding ahead.

In common with his brother, Tiddler loves his food, and the baby-led weaning is going really well. We’ve dropped one of his bottles a day and instead giving him a yummy, nutritious snack instead, and he’s joining us at every meal time, which is lovely.

One thing that hasn’t changed is Tiddler’s mischievous little personality – he is here there and everywhere, trying to get into things and doing things he shouldn’t, including chewing on wires, shoes and tiny toys that should be out of his reach (it’s like trying to look after an enthusiastic puppy). He still has his awesome giggle – we invented a game of chase yesterday before bedtime (that’s right Mummy, why don’t you get me so excited that I then don’t want to go to sleep?!); I would tell Tiddler that I was coming to get him and make some kind of lion-type growl, he would squeal in delight and spin around before speed-crawling to the other side of the room; once I caught him, he would roll onto his back and giggle manically, kicking his legs in the air as I tickled him. Little things like that make all the sleepless nights, the constant housework, washing, cooking and exhaustion just totally worth it 🙂