on running a playgroup

I feel I have taken on the ultimate responsibility (apart from raising my children obv.), and taken on the running of a playgroup. The group is an established one, and the lady who had been managing it is relocating. Despite several requests, no one had put themselves forward to take over, so I suggested that I may be able to help with the admin side, seeing as that is what I’ve done during my career and am good at it, on the proviso that others were willing to part-manage as I couldn’t guarantee that I’d be there every week, and that I did not want to lead song-time (I’m tone deaf and really not that into singing in public….).

So, several weeks on with no one else really wanting to take on the responsibility other than to occasionally help to set up (put toys out before everyone else arrives), I have reluctantly decided to manage the group and have been handed the reins.

I led my first song-time last week, despite having a sore throat. I probably hid behind Tiddler a bit, but decided that I would have to just get on with it, and that if they didn’t like my singing, well then someone else can offer to do it next time (no one did). I do have a couple of lovely ladies who have offered to put their names down on a weekly rota to come in and help set up, so am not totally on my own, but it does feel like I have taken on a lot of responsibility somehow. The group is weekly other than bank holidays or during really appalling weather conditions, which is quite a commitment seeing as that I have two very young children who tend to pick up germs rather easily, possibly from licking random toys that they find at places such as the playgroup or the doctors surgery, and therefore have a fairly high frequency of being poorly.

There is also the task of coming up with crafts for the toddlers to do. I love crafts and used to spend a lot of my time pre-children doing crafty things. Toddler crafts can be a bit limited and usually involve vast amounts of PVA glue, glitter or paint. On the plus side however, I did quite enjoy having a good old root around at Hobbycraft in the kids section, and was probably giddy on the power of spending the playgroup’s money rather than my own – I came home with an assortment of card, paper, stickers, foam-sheets and felt.

I’m sure things will settle down into a routine and I’m starting to enjoy the idea of being a playgroup leader (power trip already maybe??!). Maybe my singing will also improve as I do seem to be spontaneously singing random nursery rhymes around the house which Toddler is enjoying, asking for an encore, so maybe it’s not that bad after all…


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