The gift of time

I have been given a rare treat this afternoon – the gift of time. This sounds strange, but let me explain. I usually spend my days running round like the proverbial blue-bottomed fly, dashing between the kitchen – making up bottles, snacks, getting breakfast/lunch/dinner prepared, or doing the washing up / putting laundry on, before scurrying to the living room – trying to keep Toddler and Tiddler entertained, stopping Toddler from hitting Tiddler on the head or snatching toys off him, or changing nappies / wiping snotty noses/ picking up toys to prevent trips hazards… and so on.

After lunch today, Tiddler was ready for a nap; weaning is clearly exhausting work. Toddler is also slightly off colour and (after last night’s ‘let’s stay up til midnight and keep everyone awake’ antics) he is also, after much whingeing, ready for some sleep. So far they have slept for 2 ½ hours. I know I should go and wake them now otherwise they may not sleep well tonight, but I am loving the freedom of having some time to myself.

Ok, so I’ve spent half the time preparing for the next playgroup (which I’m now running, another post on that later), thinking of craft ideas and sorting out rotas and money. I’ve also spend an hour online flicking between different blogs having a good old read with a cup of tea, and I’ve made a loaf of bread (well, started it anyway, it’s sitting in the kitchen doing its ‘rising’ thing right now). So it’s not been entirely unproductive and I’ve managed to drink a whole cup of tea without it going cold.

It’s also been nice not to have to have a tiny child hanging off my leg / wiping snot or dribble onto my clothes for an afternoon (not to say I don’t enjoy spending time with my offspring, but occasionally it is nice to relax with slobber-free clothing).

So if you’re looking for the perfect gift for a new mum, the gift of time will always be well received.