Let’s Roll, Baby!

Even though Tiddler is only just 5-months old, he has suddenly mastered the art of rolling from his back to his front, and back again. He is very pleased by this as now he can see the world from a new perspective, plus add lots more dribble to the carpet. Tiddler has also been practising ‘commando rolling’. This means to be up on your front readying yourself for action, then, when Mummy leaves the room for 30-seconds, roll as fast as possible to the other side so that when Mummy returns, she panics as she can’t see Baby where she left him.

Unfortunately, Tiddler has only learnt to roll in one direction so far, which leads to mishaps such as getting stuck under tables or by the sofa; when this happens it is usually best to scream for a minute as if the world has ended, to get Mummy’s panicked attention.

Being mobile means that socks are no longer required, even on a cold day; wriggling one’s feet whilst pushing along is usually the best way to dispose of these toe restricting devices. Having a good chew on socks is also a great way to prevent them from being put back on, as they are usually too soggy to be used once Mummy has realised that Baby is sockless.

Another advantage of rolling about, is being able to make a beeline for some yummy looking Lego that Toddler has left lying about. It is very satisfying to hear Toddler shout ‘no, mine!’ or commanding Tiddler to go ‘back on play-mat!’A pile of Lego blocks, of assorted colours and...

Yes, being able to roll is lots of fun; but just wait ‘til the crawling begins!