Wow Toddler, you’re 2.5!

Hot on the heels of Tiddler turning 5-months recently, Toddler is now 2.5! This past year has been such a roller-coaster, with me suffering from pregnancy tiredness and emotions being all over the place (we’d also just moved house, so lots going on), and Toddler happily playing and being the sweetest little boy one minute, to have a full meltdown over nothing the next. It’s been exhilarating and exhausting!

I know at times Toddler is growing up and testing the boundaries of his behaviour to see what he can get away with and what Mummy’s reaction will be, but when I’m tired and Toddler’s just thrown himself to the ground in the middle of the street for the fourth time that morning and is refusing to move, well, it’s only human to feel a little bit pee’d off.

Still, despite the bumps in the road, Toddler is a lovely little boy and has been named by friends as the smiliest child they know. Here is a little selection of things that make me smile (and will hopefully make you smile too, particularly if you are another parent of a toddler and things are tough going right now!):

• How he helps me to unpack the food shopping, naming each item almost correctly and putting them away in the cupboards for me
• His dancing to music is so cute, and it’s even cuter when he copies his musical toys and says things like ‘shake it baby’!
• The brightly coloured play-doh he makes with his play-doh machine, are ‘mummy’s hair’ apparently

Green Play-doh with can and accessory toy (Pla...
• When looking at a photo of himself as a baby he can’t comprehend that it’s him and says it’s Tiddler or ‘like Tiddler’ instead
• The lovely way he hugs up to one of his cuddly toys at bedtime
• His impatience – like jumping into the bath fully clothed as he wanted to play with the bubbles
• His funny personality and the way he comes out with things:
o Me: Have you done a dirty nappy?
o Him: No thanks
• Sometimes whilst I’m cooking dinner he’ll climb into his high chair in the dining room and strap himself in, in anticipation
• The way he still calls me Mama and not Mummy


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  1. Awe, I can definitely relate to your list of things that make you smile. My 2 and a half year old and I have pretty much the same diaper conversation everyday!

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