Fancy some adult conversation?

From the title of this post you may think I’m referring to the type of talk that makes your granny blush, or turns the air blue. But this is not the case. What I’m referring to is the lost art of a normal conversation between two parents that doesn’t revolve around the number and /or consistency of dirty nappies produced that day.

Mr N and I regularly find our evening conversations punctuated with such highlights as the nuances of CBeebies characters, for example:

Me: The Wattingers actually made an appearance on In the Night Garden today
Mr N: Were the Pontepines on holiday or something?
Me: Possibly. And they’ve put that irritating Rhyme Rocket back on in the mornings.
Mr N: Oh dear, at least there’s some Timmy Time recorded on Sky Plus that you can put on instead.

This is usually followed by an in-depth assessment of what Toddler and Tiddler have been up to, what they had for lunch, what games they played, if Tiddler has done anything new, or if Toddler has said anything funny. This is good I know, it’s nice for Daddy to know what his little cherubs are doing and how they’re progressing, and don’t get me wrong, I love talking about my kids, they’re generally all I talk about with other parents! If Mr N and I aren’t talking about the kids, then it’s usually about bills, food or sport.

But sometimes, just sometimes, a little non-child conversation is nice, even if it is about football!

Does anyone else suffer from child-related conversation overload?


6 thoughts on “Fancy some adult conversation?

  1. We discuss this sort of thing too. Sometimes I even text my husband during the day if one of the children has said something amusing! I suppose the children are the main (entire) focus of my day at the moment so I feel I don’t have a lot else to talk about. I try really hard if we go out without the children to find other topics of conversation, but we always end up talking about them anyway! I found you through the BritMums carnival, lovely to read your blog!

    • Hi Jennifer, thanks for stopping by 🙂 Am glad you found me via the BritMums Carnival – it’s the first time I’ve participated in one!
      I agree, it’s difficult to find anything else to talk about when you’re spending all day with the little ones, though definitely good to find other topics when you’re out with your other half. Children do come out with the funniest things though sometimes don’t they? Toddler has a habit of repeating words from things he’s done earlier in the day, which is very sweet, though last week he said ‘people, crocodiles, yoghurt’ which was very random, am not sure how he came up with that one…

  2. We seem to be able to talk about poo more in a single evening than we ever had in all the time we were together pre-children put together! I generally do best at talking about non-child related things on the days that I work… Because then I talk about work! I think we would be quite boring to a fly on the wall! (Also found you through Britmums, and I’m also participating for the first time!)

    • Hi Caroline,
      Its amazing the things you suddenly talk about when you become a parent! I hadn’t imagined all those years ago whilst sipping on a post-work cocktail or two, that one day we’d be talking about children’s toilet habits on a regular basis! Sounds like you’ve got a good balance though, being able to discuss work, must make a welcome change 🙂

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