Happy 5-month birthday Tiddler

Wow, time flies! This time just over 5-months ago, Tiddler had just made his way into the world. Now he’s rolling around, trying to crawl (and stand up), watching his older brother get up to mischief (probably plotting the best way to join in!) and is almost ready to start eating proper food!!It’s amazing how quickly they go from being a helpless newborn into a baby with their own personality, really alert to everything going on around them and wanting to get involved.

We’ve been blessed to have two very healthy and happy little boys. Tiddler is a very smiley baby (as was Toddler when he was the same age) and lets forth the most gorgeous giggle when tickled. He loves bath time and smiles when I tell him we’re off to the bathroom for a splish splash; he’s doing commando style rolls from one side of the living room to the other now too, so is never in one place for long (just to confuse me if I’ve popped out of the room for a second and returned and can’t see him!) and he has a very healthy interest in what is on Mummy’s plate a meal times.

I expect the summer will fly by and before I know it, autumn will be here and I’ll be stressing over what decoration should go on his first birthday cake, then he’ll be racing around with his big brother running rings around me.

For now though, I shall make the most of Tiddler being a little baby while I can. Whilst he can roll around and is almost crawling, he does lie immobile enough after bath time for me to do some baby massage with him which he really enjoys. I did some classes with Toddler when he was tiny and remembered what to do – I have some Mum & Me Sleep Tight massage oil and basically just stroke his legs, do little circles on the bottom of his feet then do the same on his arms and fingers. I can’t imagine trying to perform calming pre-sleep massage on Toddler; I can just about keep him in one place while I dry him after his bath before he thunders off into his bedroom to pick a bedtime story.

I love that Tiddler falls asleep over my shoulder after a bottle, that he looks so little in his sleeping bag in the middle of his cot, that he can still wear those cute baby-gro’s and that he finds the smallest things fascinating (swatting at one particular toy for ages like it’s the best thing in the world, or poking me in the face over and over because it makes me laugh which then makes him giggle).

Happy 5-month birthday Tiddler!Tiddler cartoon