World Poetry Day: An Ode to my Monkeys

To celebrate World Poetry Day, I have penned a little poem to my two monkeys, Toddler and Tiddler. It really isn’t the greatest of scribbling, but I hope it brings a little smile to your soul:

With your big blue eyes
And the cutest button nose,
Those wriggly fingers
And teeny, tiny toes,
That naughty giggle
When I change your nappy,
I love how you are both
Always so happy.

Each and every day
Brings something new.
Learning how to crawl
Or grabbing things to chew.
Reading a book,
Building with blocks,
Playing in the park
And feeding the ducks.

Splashing in the bath
With your squirty toy;
Having little ones
Brings so much joy.
When the day is done
I tuck you up snug and tight,
Give you a cuddle
And wish you good night.

You’re both lovely boys
It’s plain for all to see.
I feel so very blessed
To have you here with me.
Though you are cheeky
All through and through,
You’re my little monkeys
And I love the pair of you.