A lovely make-do day at home

As the weather was so rubbish yesterday – when will spring ever arrive? – I decided to stay in and do home made things for the day.

First off, we decamped to the dining room; we spend lots of time in the living room, so I thought a change of scenery would do us good. I created a ‘baby sensory area’ for Tiddler which included different types of material for him to get his hands on. IMG_5255

The red thingy plays music and lights flash on and off, which reflected nicely off the windscreen sun cover behind (the foil type thing). I added some rattle toys, some ball pool balls and an empty kitchen roll tube. He loved it! In fact Toddler loved it too and I spent half the time asking him to stop stomping on it and let Tiddler have a go.

Later on, whilst Tiddler had a really long nap, Toddler and I baked yummy chocolate biscuits. He helped as I weighed the ingredients, then I let him cut different shapes out using his play-doh cookie cutters (washed first of course!), including bears, ovals hands and diamond shapes. Then we read a book while we waited for them to cook.


I tried to ‘sift’ some icing sugar on top but it came out a bit quicker than I was expecting!

I think they both enjoyed doing different things; for me it was a refreshing change. I didn’t get much housework done but I felt like I’d spent some quality time with the two monkeys.


2 thoughts on “A lovely make-do day at home

    • It was a last minute addition but Tiddler seemed to love it! Even Toddler was trying to get in on the act by grabbing it. It goes to show that you don’t need to spend lots on fancy plastic toys to keep the little ones entertained – sometimes the cardboard tube from the kitchen roll is all it takes to keep them busy for a few minutes!

      I used to take Toddler to a weekly ‘baby start’ session when he was 8-weeks old until he was ready to crawl around. They really encouraged using everyday or simple items to help the babies to learn about textures, colours and shapes – we had scarves of all colours and materials (obv. with supervision to make sure there were no accidents), kitchen items – whisks, pans, bowls etc. and we learnt to make fun things such as part filling an empty water bottle with glitter and beads (securing the lid very well with tape) for the babies to roll along.

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