Does charity begin at home?

I dread getting a knock on the front door. It usually means one of two things – the postman is struggling to get yet another of Mr N’s parcels through the letterbox, or someone is trying to sell me something.

The latter includes a worrying new trend of charities attempting to get people to sign up for regular donations. Yes, that’s right, those ‘chuggers’ that you desperately avoid eye contact with whilst out shopping, are now at your front door.

We have various charities doing this in our area and we get a visit at least once a fortnight. They are usually quite persistent too. I couldn’t answer the door once as I was feeding Tiddler. He came back later on and Mr N said we weren’t interested. They came back again that evening. We just ignored them.

I don’t have anything against charities trying to increase donations, but is it just me who thinks that harassing people in their homes is the wrong way of doing it? Charities have to pay companies to do this ‘chugging’ and all it does is irritate me and in my opinion, waste their money. When I give to charity I want to do it on my own terms, not because I’ve been made to feel guilty on my door-step.

It’s not all bad though. Earlier this week I answered the door to find a sweet young gentleman with his chugger tabard and clipboard at the ready; Tiddler was screaming in the background (he clearly wasn’t happy about something!), Toddler was running up and down the hallway shouting ‘rockets Mummy, rockets’, whilst I stood there exasperated, full nappy bag in hand. ‘I can see you’re busy’ he said, ‘would you like me to put the nappy in the bin as I go?’  And off he went taking the nappy bag with him. I could’ve hugged my chugger! Maybe charity does begin at home after all?