The Mummy Work-Out

I’ve done pretty well at shedding the baby weight since Tiddler was born almost 5-months ago, but I still have a wobbly tummy and a good couple of pounds to lose off my hips. Even though I’ve been getting compliments on how much I’ve slimmed down, I still can’t fit into my favourite pre-baby jeans and it’s starting to irk me somewhat.

I guess I must be getting a little bit fit from what I call my ‘Mummy work-out’ – lifting up and carrying around Tiddler (he weighs over 15lb now!), bending down to pick up toys, constant trips upstairs to do nappy changes, take up basket loads of laundry, and generally not sitting down for more than 10-minutes at a time. However, in my previous life as a non-mummy, I did go to the gym a fair bit and lived in London so did a lot of walking to and from tube stations.

Apart from my new Zumba routine on a Saturday, I’m flummoxed as to how to fit in some more ‘proper’ exercise. I have a fantastic DVD – Erin O’Brien’s Complete Pregnancy Fitness. It has two DVD’s – one for during pregnancy (was great but I really didn’t have the energy to do it) and one for post-pregnancy, which I love. It’s only 15-minutes long and split into 3-levels of difficulty, and focuses more on pilates/yoga type stretches to tone up specific areas affected by pregnancy, such as the pelvis, neck and upper back, hips and tummy.

I was able to do this DVD regularly when Toddler was a baby, but for the life of me, trying to fit it in now is nigh-on impossible. Ridiculous I know. I’ve thought about doing it first thing in the morning, but mornings usually find me stumbling round bleary eyed, trying to sneak in a bit of toast without Toddler seeing, otherwise he’ll be sniffing round me, looking up with big puppy-dog eyes trying to cadge a bit even though he’s just stuffed himself full with his own breakfast. No, early mornings are no good. Mid-morning to mid-afternoon is a no-go too as we tend to have activities (playgroup, food shopping, play-dates lunch etc) and I spend the rest of the afternoon yo-yoing between trying to keep Toddler entertained whilst pleading with Tiddler to have a nap so that I can go and wash up the lunch time dishes.

I have tried to do the work-out late afternoon and tried to get the kids involved – a kind of family activity if you will, with benefits for everyone (exercise for Mummy, playtime for the little ones, Tiddler especially enjoyed being used as a weight whilst I did squats…) but Toddler has taken this too literally, spying the opportunity to use Mummy’s tummy as a trampoline or mistaking Mummy for a climbing frame whilst she was trying to do sit-up’s for instance.

As for evenings, well as all parents know, this is time for dinner, the hallowed bedtime routine followed by parent time (usually catching up on TV programmes, the internet, maybe even a brief conversation about each other’s day before collapsing into bed, you know, that kind of thing).

So, I guess I’ll have to make do with my weekly one-hour Zumba routine, and try to do more of my Mummy work-out. At least the house will stay clean and with Tiddler growing by the day I can progress to lifting heavier weights!


2 thoughts on “The Mummy Work-Out

  1. I have been doing the 30 day shred, only a 20 minute work out but it definitely does the job. My youngest is almost 8 months now and I still have a wobbly tummy. As you said it can be very hard to fit in exercise around kids. I try and do it first thing in the morning or when the kids go to bed.

    • Hi Chantelle, not heard of that workout, will have to take a look. Sounds like you’re doing great, fitting in 20 mins. I tried again this morning but Toddler decided to sit on me!

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