Slumba – the new Zumba?

I’ve finally gone and done it, after weeks of hearing about it, thinking about it and seeing posters on every third lamp post as I drive along ‘New Zumba classes with Claire every Thursday. Party yourself into shape!’

Yes, I’ve taken up Zumba – the salsa-inspired aerobics that seems to have taken over the fitness world. It actually is good fun, and despite being hopelessly uncoordinated, I find that if you wiggle your arms a bit and shake your feet like you’re stepping on an electrified floor, no one will really notice that you’re not quite getting the routine.

I actually used to be a bit of a gym-bunny; when I lived in London I would go to the gym every couple of days. This was pre-children of course, when I had lots of time (but didn’t realise it) and had a swanky gym membership paid for by work (the gym was The Reebok at Canary Wharf if you really want to know. Possibly the swankiest of all gyms I’ve ever been too. No gym has lived up to that standard since, I mean they had ghd hair straighteners in the changing rooms for goodness sake! They also had a very good bar with a fine selection of Rosé wine, but that’s a story for another day).

So having had two children and not done much exercise over the past couple of years, bar picking up babies every few minutes to go and do another nappy change or scrubbing the carpet clean of baby sick, and I’m not sure that really counts, I really wanted to do something.

Zumba is a good way of getting fit, it makes me smile plus I can shake out all the pent up mummy-rage that’s built up over the past week (come on admit it, you’ve all been there, reaching sheer exhaustion from said nappy changes, clearing up poo, sick, toys, food and trying to instil discipline into a hyper toddler).

There is however, another class that I think will become very popular amongst mummies, and I want to be the first to suggest it. Yoga by Candlelight apparently is becoming very fashionable. I’m told that this actually does involve some quite advanced yoga which takes a lot of effort, it just happens to be done in a dimly lit room. So I’m thinking, how about once a week, mummies come along with a pillow, and instead of doing yoga moves, we turn down the lights and all have a nap for an hour. No interruptions, no babies crying, just some pretty candles and maybe some twinkly music. My idea of bliss! I shall call it Slumba. Any takers?


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