The Clutter Monster

In the perfect world that exists in my mind, the sun is always shining, and I have a fabulous kitchen with stunning solid-oak work surfaces and all the latest gadgets, and my tummy is flat again. Oh, and my house is clutter-free – everything in its place with clever storage solutions craftily hiding all the stuff we seem to have accumulated (come on, I did say this world was imaginary).

Clutter is the bane of my life. I swear that there’s a little creature following me around as I clean, tidy and hoover, undoing all the good work, leaving cushions, toys, baby clothes, raisins (Toddlers favourite) and the odd shoe lying in his wake. I will call him The Clutter Monster. He is the cousin of The Washing Machine Monster, who likes to eat random socks (usually baby ones). At least I think he does, unless Tiddler has taken to eating socks as well as milk.

Anyway, I digress. With spring fast approaching, I really would like to have a bit of a tidy up. Having quickly Googled ‘declutter your home’, I came across the Becoming Minimalist website. It lists some suggestions on how to declutter:

Fill a trash bag (it’s an American site) – grab a bin liner and see how quickly you can fill it.

Hah! There’s plenty I’d like to shove in a bin liner at the end of a tiring day, mostly Toddler’s lego that he leaves trails of across the living room floor, and books that make loud noises – he has a penchant for reading these when Tiddler is trying to have a nap in the same room.

The Oprah Winfrey Closet Hanger Experiment (bear with me here…) – hang clothes with hangers in reverse direction, after wearing an item, hang it facing the right direction; after six-months you should be able to see which clothes you don’t wear.
In my case, I wear nothing from my wardrobe. All the things hanging up are NICE clothes that I wish to remain slobber and play-doh free. My other clothes get shoved (baby vomit and all) into a drawer at the end of each day before I fall exhausted into bed.

Use your imagination to help declutter items that seem difficult to remove.
I’ve tried this – I close my eyes and pretend it’s all gone. Genius! Or maybe I’m misunderstanding the point.

There are plenty more to try (see if you want to take a look yourself). In the meantime, any Mummy decluttering tips gratefully received.

Before I sign off, I did find a lovely quote from Albert Einstein that I’m going to pin to the fridge:

Three Rules of Work: Out of clutter find simplicity; From discord find harmony; In the middle of difficulty lies opportunity.”