on the cold front

I’ve had the lurgy for the past week and have been feeling worse by the day. Poor Tiddler has a cold too and has been waking up early. Yesterday morning was 4.30am, and having got to bed at 12.30 after his last bottle, it was quite challenging to drag my poor achy self away from my cosy duvet to go and sort him out.

At 12 noon, still in pj’s and dressing gown, not having brushed my hair and teeth and feeling generally quite grotty, I was reminded of the very new baby stage when you just don’t have the energy to do anything other than change nappies and feed your newborn, trying to stay awake with matchsticks holding your eyelids open, feeling like the day had been a success if you’d managed to actually get dressed and have breakfast. Tiddler is now 4-months old – where did the time go? – and I have been fortunate to be enjoying more than a few hours solid sleep a night for the past month. That is pretty good going, considering some mums at playgroup have been regaling me stories with their sleepless nights right up until their cherubs are almost 2!

So having dragged myself to the bathroom while Mr N is on childcare duty during his lunch hour, I wonder how amazing it is that a simple shower and tooth clean can make you feel human again.


2 thoughts on “on the cold front

  1. I have a stinking cold at the moment, thanks to some germs generously donated to me by my daughter’s nursery, grrr! It does send you right back to those early days with a newborn, I even fell asleep on the sofa earlier, only for five minutes mind, there was a little girl sitting next to me very determined to make sure mummy was ok by cuddling in as tight as she could… on top of my head!!!

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