Mummy’s Xmas Trimmings

Christmas wouldn’t be Christmas without twinkly lights, sparkly baubles and tinsel swarthed around a lush green Christmas tree topped with a glittery star…

In Toddler-land however, all of the above spells temptation beyond belief – oh the excitement of grabbing those sparkly glittery things and scattering them about Mummy and Daddy’s lounge, under the sofa, behind the tv and over the child-gate into the kitchen, the joy!

To avoid this scenario, we’ve decided to go sans-Xmas tree this year. Apart from the toddler sized fingers just itching to get hold of said decorations, we really don’t have the room for one, as Mummy’s work desk and computer is in the usual tree-spot.

We couldn’t go without any decoration, so this year, I’ve got a bit creative. Deciding to go with a red and gold theme, I had a root through the cupboards and Xmas-decoration box, and came up with the following:

For dressing up the dinner table, a fish bowl (saved from my wedding table decorations!) filled with red and gold baubles and mini parcel decorations

Giving the downstairs cloakroom a Christmassy feel, with a Poinsetta finished with a felt star sewn onto gold-flecked ribbon, and a soap dish of gold baubles
And finally, a little gingerbread man sewn with felt and finished with red buttons, to hang up somewhere (yet to be determined). Am hoping to make some more, plus some felt reindeer and felt hearts if I get the time…
I’ve also draped some lush gold tinsel over the mantel piece, with some fairy lights, and finished with 2 mini-poinsetta’s in gold pots.
J is delighted with it all, and best of all his little grabbing hands can’t reach any of it!