Memories of a first year

My little man has just had his first birthday! I cannot believe he’s been in our lives now for over a year, and what a year it’s been!!

My memories of the first few months are just a blur of sleep deprivation and a sense of bewilderment of this tiny little being that was totally dependent on us – it was both exhilarating and terrifying in equal measures. How we got through those first few months I don’t know, but we made it to the other side fairly unscathed, and from around 4 months or so, we had a good routine going, and J was able to interact with us more which was definitely more satisfying and we could begin to see why people kept saying it would be worth it in the end.

Despite our early difficulties, we have had some brilliant times.  It’s difficult to pick the best moment as there have been so many – J’s first smile, first babble, being able to turn himself over onto his front, crawling, our first family holiday, J feeding himself, saying his first words, taking his first wobbly steps and getting his first teeth – so much packed into a short space of time!

Now we find ourselves with atoddler who definitely wants to exert his independence, and we’ve already had the first signs of tantrums, hopefully not a glimpse of things to come.  And just when we thought we had things sussed it’s all change again – less bottles and more proper meal times, less sleep in the day, thinking about buying our first pair of walking shoes (I’ve already been asked several times what size J’s feet are, errr – I’m supposed to know this?!), and new habits like J’s ability to suddenly bend his legs backwards, crab-style, when I want to put him into his car seat or pushchair and he doesn’t want to play ball, or J not being able to lie flat when getting him changed for swimming or to get him weighed making Mummy resort to begging J to behave through gritted teeth whilst still trying to smile..

Still, I’m sure I’ll look back on all this in another year, having yet again survived, hopefully feeling a little less bewildered and with another set of amazing memories!

Happy birthday J x