Baltic Amber Teething Necklace Review

Our Baltic Amber jewellery arrived last week, and we have all been wearing our pieces. I had ordered two things for J – an adjustable anklet, and a necklace, and a bracelet for Mr N. I’ve been wearing J’s anklet or necklace around my wrist when he’s been wearing the other, as I like them so much!

Anklet worn around Mummy's wrist!

Kate at Dino Daisy was very quick to respond to my queries (I seemed to have a lot of them!) and was able to custom make Mr N’s ‘Daddy’ bracelet. The jewellery arrived in lovely little cotton bags which are useful to keep the pieces in to prevent them getting scratched in Mummy’s jewellery box (not that they’ve been in there yet as we wear them all the time!).

I love the colours of all of our jewellery. The anklet features a mix of cherry, cognac and honey colours, whilst Mr N’s bracelet is made of a dark cherry colour. J’s necklace is a mixture of cherry, cognac, lemon baroque amber beads.

Necklace being worn around J's ankle! The 2 larger beads are the screw clasp

The bracelet and necklace are very easy to put on, as they have a screw type clasp. The anklet is a little trickier, as it is attached using two lobster clasps, which makes it adjustable. I found the clasps to be quite stiff and hard to use, and have broken my nail twice doing them up! Mr N usually has to step in to put them on J or I. I’ve taken to wearing the anklet a lot on my wrist and have just left it on, wearing it in bed and in the shower! I’ve found that J’s necklace can be wrapped around his ankle for wearing at night (I worried about him strangling himself otherwise!), putting it back around his neck in the daytime.

Since wearing, J doesn’t seem to have had any teething trouble, though that could be as he just hasn’t had any teething troubles for the time being, so it’s hard to know if the amber is having any effect in that respect. We will keep him wearing his jewellery however, as there has been scientific studies done to show that Baltic Amber does release succinic acid which is an anti-inflammatory and immune system booster, so there is something in it. Hopefully J will continue to not have teething troubles and his toothy-pegs will just pop through one day!