Baby-led weaning update

We’ve been following the baby-led weaning approach for months now and it is really starting to pay off. J loves being able to feed himself, and ensuring he joins us for dinner in the evenings makes sure that dinnertime is a social affair and makes J feel included.

We went to a family BBQ last weekend, and J seemed to really enjoy himself at the table (gauging by the giggles and squeals!), sitting on a booster seat and munching his way through a cheese sandwich and some chicken! Some of the other guests commented that he surely couldn’t eat a whole sandwich, and how could he eat without teeth (yep, he’s still a gummy baby). Yet he managed and the other guests were pleasantly surprised.

I still worry that he is just playing with his food, so have some mashed food on hand to feed him a few spoonfuls. Quite often J will grab the spoon and feed himself anyway, so it’s still not like traditional spoon feeding.

One new thing J has started to do, is to grab chunks of food and throw them over his shoulder or across the room once he’s full. In fact, it’s turned into a bit of a game, with Mummy or Daddy picking food up and placing it back on his table only for the little monkey to chuck it again the minute he gets it back. You’d think Mummy and Daddy would’ve learnt by now!