Teething Troubles

Poor J has been really suffering recently with teething.

Last weekend was the worst yet, with J being off his food and running a fever.
We tried to put some teething gel on his gums but he didn’t want anything near
his mouth.


We gave him Calpol (another trial trying to get it into him) and gave him as much water as we could as we worried he was dehydrated. After a bad night’s sleep, I decided to trawl the internet for some suggestions.

Friends on Facebook helpfully suggested Nelson’s teething granules, and Baltic amber teething necklaces. So off I went to Boots – the branch I went to only had their own version of teething granules, but desperate to try anything I bought them.

The granules came in little sachets and the instructions were to pour the contents into baby’s mouth. Hmm, seemed simple, but have you tried pouring powder into a stubborn baby’s mouth? Not easy. He ended up with it up his nose, down his top and blowing it over Mummy. I resorted to pouring some on a teaspoon and popping it in. Not sure how effective they were. They seemed to help, but then J was getting back to his normal self anyway.

I was particularly interested in the other suggestion of Baltic Amber teething necklaces. Not just because it was jewellery related, but the evidence seems to suggest that Amber really does have some kind of medicinal properties – Succinic Acid, a natural analgesic. Science has proved that when warmed by the skin, the amber releases the Succinic Acid and it can help to boost the immune system, as well as providing anti-inflammatory and analgesic effects.

After some research, I found a marvellous teething necklace company and fell in love with the variety of amber on offer, so much so that I ordered a teething necklace, bracelet, and a Daddy bracelet too! I shall be reviewing the jewellery once I receive it, so watch this space!