Coffee and tantrums

Going out and about with J used to be a pleasant experience.

Imagine, if you will, sitting serenely in a comfy sofa-style chair at a local coffee shop, sipping a decaff latte and flicking through a magazine, whilst baby happily gurgles away in his pram / pushchair, chewing his latest toy…. ah, bliss…

Now transplant yourself to a scene of baby thrashing about in his pushchair and screeching at the top of his voice, whilst Mummy tries her best to entertain him, waving rattles and toys, and apologising profusely to the sweet couple opposite who are trying to hold a conversation over tea and scones.

Where did my sweet little baby go??! I think he’s learnt the ‘play up for Mummy’ trick otherwise known as ‘lets embarrass our Mummies and Daddies as much as possible now, as we know they’re going to get their own backs and embarrass us when we’re teenagers’ ploy.

Changing his nappy when out and about used to be a fairly simple procedure. Now he seems to have taken a pathalogical dislike to any changing table, wriggling wildly as soon as his nappy comes off and refusing to go on his back to be cleaned and re-nappied. Very frustrating. Not wishing to go into too much detail but trying to change a dirty nappy whilst baby is doing his best impression of an eel evading capture is really not the easiest of operations and ends up with Mummy throwing the baby wipes packet at the wall in frustration.

My next visit to the coffee shop may involve caffiene, lots of it..