Teaching your baby to swim: Water Babies Update

It’s almost the end of our first term with Water Babies, and I can safely say that J has really enjoyed it.

Last week was extra special, as I got to see J swimming underwater for myself. Donning some goggles, which J found most amusing, I joined him as he did his underwater swim. It was amazing to see him wiggling up to the surface, eyes, and mouth (!) wide open, little legs kicking. Hopefully he didn’t drink too much of the pool water…

J is such an enthusiastic little baby, in fact, his nickname at the group is ‘Smiler’ as he is nearly always grinning manically, and usually splashing water over Mummy, and anyone else in the vicinity. The only time he’s not, is when we have to swim on our backs; J really disagrees with not being able to see what’s going on around him.

Even though I think J has gained so much from the classes, I did wonder whether to sign up for the next term, as it’s quite an expense; I know that not all the mums have rejoined because of this. We decided in the end to go ahead, as he is learning such valuable things and we’ll just have to deal with the money side.

A quick review of the things J has learnt:

– ‘falling’ into the pool belly first (taught by singing Humpty Dumpty’s first two lines then ‘splashing’ the babies in the pool – apparently teaches them how to cope if they should fall into water – they usually never fall in feet or head first but belly on)

– holding onto the side of the pool and learning to associate this with the command of ‘hold on’

– swimming up to the surface on their own

– a love of the water!

I particularly love the way the course has been structured to build up to learning different things. J smiles now when he hears me sing the ‘splish splash’ song that we do each week too!

J’s Daddy also came along to watch last week and thoroughly enjoyed seeing J splashing around in the pool.

I think we might have our very own little fish on our hands!