Keeping a destructive baby out of trouble

It won’t be long before J leaves babydom behind and becomes a fully fledged toddler.

He’s already getting plenty of practice in. J’s favourite game is to pull everything out of his toy box, scatter it around the lounge and then go off on a hunt for non-baby things to pull\chew\generally destroy (curtains, remote controls, vases, mummy’s shoes…).

I’ve given up on tidying up after him as inevitably he’ll create a mess again 10 minutes later. Instead, I wait until he’s gone to bed before whizzing round and piling everything back into the corner of the room.

The baby-proofing however, continues in earnest.

Only last week I came into the lounge to find he had a piece of fake coal in each hand from our decorative fireplace. We decided then to install a fire guard to protect J and the fireplace. It’s been a success so far.

My idea of using J’s baby walker to block one part of the room off worked until he discovered he could crawl underneath it. I suppose I should be celebrating his ingenuity. Back to the drawing board for me though.

Today we ventured to a new baby and toddler group. I was hoping J would wear himself out with new toys and the other babies. It worked a treat – I got to have a cup of tea and a chat with some other mums, J had a nice play, and he’s now fast asleep!

I’ll have to make the most of this quiet time …

I’m going to compile some ideas on keeping baby busy and the house a destruction free zone so I can be prepared when he wakes up. If you have any words of wisdom on the subject, then please share!