Holidaying in Cornwall: Cycling the Camel Trail

If there was one activity we were all agreed on during our holiday in Cornwall, it was cycling the Camel Trail.

The Camel Trail runs along the beautiful Camel Estuary for 16 miles from Padstow to the edge of Bodmin Moor, following the trackbed of the old LSWR railway line. It features some spectacular scenery and British wildlife.

We hired bikes for the day at a really reasonable rate (£28 for the 3 of us from Trail Bikes) and J got his own trailer which was attached to his Daddy’s bike.

I haven’t been on a bike for years, though it didn’t take long before I had my balance and was away. I’d forgotten how liberating it feels to cycle, and the picturesque setting made it all the more relaxing.

The cycle route is approximately 5.5 miles from Padstow to Wadebridge and is for walkers and cyclists alike. I was a bit worried about J when we went over some particularly bumpy bits of track, but he didn’t seem to mind and even fell asleep at one point!

We had a quick break in Wadebridge – there are some decent facilities just before the track ends by the town, so we fed J, did a nappy change and were on our way.

We had to go through part of the town to get to the next part of the trail, which was a bit awkward, trying to navigate our bikes with J’s trailer on the back. It didn’t take too long though and we were soon back on the Trail proper.

This part of the Trail, about 5.75 miles towards Bodmin, has several old train platforms scattered along the way, standing as a reminder of its railway history, and I think, a quite lovely feature of the Trail.

We’d been cycling for a couple of hours and seeing as it was lunch time, we stopped refuel at the side of the track, not realising there was a picnic table a couple more minutes away.

After some ‘debate’ (or should that be objections?) particularly from Mr N who was getting quite tired, we decided to cycle on a little further to the Camel Tea Rooms. On arrival, we found Grandma and Aunty Nik, who were very surprised that we’d made it so far. Following such exertion, we rewarded ourselves with a cream tea which we consumed in the lovely tea room gardens.

The cycle back was quite tiring, however, we made sure we had lots of stops, and it really didn’t seem long at all before we were back on the bridge into Padstow.

Cycling was so refreshing and fun, and to do so in such peaceful and pretty surroundings was fantastic. I also loved the fact we could do this as a family, with J tagging along in his trailer. He certainly seemed to be enjoying his first cycle ride!