Things we didn’t like so much about Cornwall

On the OK list but things I wasn’t particular enamoured with were Newquay Zoo, and Bude.

The zoo was quite pricey to get in (£9.95 per adult) and was pretty small. We did it in less than 2 hours and there wasn’t a huge selection of animals. There were plenty of varieties of monkey, and J enjoyed watching the meerkats being fed, plus had a little giggle at some of the monkeys climbing ropes in their pens.

Watching Meerkat dinner time!

I was quite disturbed that the zoo didn’t appear to have a no smoking policy and found it quite annoying trying to feed J his lunch in the picnic bench area whilst several adults lit up cigarettes nearby. I don’t wish to castigate those who smoke, but I think a little discretion in an area full of children (and people eating!) could be called
for. The zoo may be good for another visit when J is a bit older and more aware of what is going on.

We decided to visit Bude on our final afternoon. One website notes Bude for its ‘atmosphere of easy going charm whilst catering for the most discerning of modern day tourists’ and ‘participate in the many and varied activities or to relax totally in a town renowned for its helpful friendliness. One word of warning though – we have it on good authority that one visit to Bude is rarely enough – many visitors return again and again to experience this “the loveliest peace of Cornwall” ‘. Hmm, the easy going charm and helpful friendliness weren’t in abundance when we visited on this rain soaked afternoon. Admittedly we did get there quite late – after 3pm, but even so, we were pretty dismayed to find all the cafes and coffee shops pretty much closed within the hour. Extremely annoying when trying to find somewhere for a hot drink and somewhere to feed your hungry baby. We ended up feeding him in the car in the car park by the ‘splendid new visitor centre’ which appeared also shut whilst we were there.

I’d recommend a visit to Widemouth Bay however, if you happen to be in the Bude area.


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