J’s first haircut!

J’s first lock of cut hair

Mr N had been saying for some time that J needed a hair cut.

Personally, I think his hair is cute the way it is, especially it’s now getting a lot thicker on top and at the back (when he was a very small baby, he had a bald patch at the back from where he’d been lying down – this has now disappeared).

I did agree however, to chop a couple of the longer locks from behind his ears. Knowing how wriggly J is, I knew this would be a challenge. So, with J being held on his Daddy’s lap, I very carefully used some baby safety scissors to chop away. The resulting lock can be seen above – one for the baby book I think.

I admit that his hair does look a lot neater now. I do think though it will be some time before we need to get Daddy’s hair clippers out for a number 2 cut all over, as he keeps threatening! 🙂