It’s scary driving in Cornwall!

I really have a thing about driving on hilly roads, mainly as in that I really dislike it. Mr N and I took a short break to the Cotswolds a couple of years ago and every time I drove down a hill, I’d shrilly squeal and state quite categorically how much I hated hills. Driving up hills was worse. My palms would begin to feel clammy and the lower the gear we were in, the louder my protestations and worse my swearing would get. It didn’t help that we had a rubbish car at the time with no power in the engine. I had visions of us making it halfway up before rolling backwards.

Imagine my delight then to discover that the north Cornwall coast is densely packed with hilly roads of jaw droppingly large gradients. Cornwall also seems to have taken my most feared aspect of driving and coupled them with the narrowest, windey roads possible. Boscastle had particularly scary hills to navigate. Even though we have a better car now, we had to drop into first gear to get up the hill to leave the town.

The road to Padstow was also very hairy. Considering this was the main route into this reasonably large town and one of THE places to visit, the road seemed like something from the dark ages. It had a large number of steep inclines with only enough width for a single vehicle in many parts. There were many moments of by the seat of the pants driving to get there.

Despite this, I still love Cornwall. I might even forgive the hills in the Cotswolds after this holiday!


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