How often do your kids toys get cleaned?

I’ve not really thought about this too much until we went on holiday and Sophie the Giraffe kept getting thrown from J’s pushchair, or Mr Crinkledog was chucked head first into the mud in the middle of the Camel Trail.

It’s not that I’m a slummy mummy, I always give any new toys a good clean before J gets hold of them. I was quite particular about washing anything that went near J’s mouth, up until he was about 6 months old. Now however, things take a nose dive to the floor so often, that I tire quite quickly of wiping Sophie every time she hits the deck.

A friend of mine washes all her little one’s toys on a weekly basis, plus any time a toy unceremoniously dumped from the high chair or pram. This puts me to shame as I have no such routine (of course I will give a toy a good wipe if it lands somewhere dirty – see the case of Mr Crinkledog above). Does this make me a bad mum? I’d like to think not.

Another friend with 3 kids was extremely clean with the first 2 during their first years, and was more lax with the third, allowing her to roll in the mud as much as she liked. The youngest, now 3 years old, is the only one out of them all to have not needed antibiotics yet.

A short trawl through the internet (try putting ‘how often should you clean children’s toys’ into Google) will find a lot of people saying to wash toys daily, weekly, in the dishwasher, with a bleach mixture…. and others such as the baby and bump forum being a bit more realistic – with answers from ‘never’ to ‘whenever they get a bit dirty’. That suits me just fine! Some mums on the B&B forum were also saying how a few germs were good for the little ones and toughened them up. Am all for that, though am not recommending J should eat mud or that a toy covered in food should be left to fester for weeks on end.

I guess what I’m trying to say is that being clean is good, but being exposed to some dirt never did anyone any harm and we’ll all be better mums for giving our youngsters some exposure.

Does anyone else agree? How often do you wash your children’s toys? Would love to hear from you.


2 thoughts on “How often do your kids toys get cleaned?

  1. Great blog btw 🙂 I believe mums who clean all of their baby’s toys every week have far too much time on their hands, or else they have nannies who do it for them! The only time i ever clean all of B’s toys is when hes ill or just after a big party and lots and lots of kids have had grubby mitts on them! Other than that, toys get cleaned when they need it, there is no need otherwise. I totally agree with you that kids need a few germs to build up their resistance. Just think, in an office, the drawer handles and tables and stationary dont get disinfected weekly, thats just silly 🙂
    I also should say that i am on the committee of a mums and tots group, and our toys there all get a good clean every few monthsbut dont worry- the tables get disinfected each time there’s food set down, it seems to work well! Life’s too short 🙂 x

    • Thanks Louise 🙂 Just thinking of picking up germs from the office, cashpoints etc. makes me feel yukky (Maybe I have a closet OCD??!). I actually did give J’s toys that we took on holiday a little wipe down last night. Though I probably shouldn’t worry too much, J has been chewing the side of the trolley when we go to Sainsburys and that probably isn’t too clean…

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