Things I can laugh about now I have a baby

There are some things about my life with a baby that I never thought I’d be able to laugh about. I use the term ‘laugh’ loosely, as at times, if I didn’t laugh, I’d cry, and then where would I be?

So here are my top things that I can at least smile about now.

Small things becoming huge

And I don’t mean my post natal hips. Being on maternity leave and in the house all day tends to warp the brain slightly. Things that would seem insignificant pre-baby, suddenly take on a whole new meaning.

Take my trip to Sainsburys just before Christmas for instance. J was only a few months old and I was still quite anxious about taking him out; the supermarket was mega-busy as it was the week before Christmas, and I was trying to find a specific cheese for Mr N (he likes to have fancy cheeses for the festive period). I almost had a meltdown in the dairy aisle as I couldn’t find it. I had to call Mr N to help me out. Now would I have done that pre-baby??

On another occasion around that time, I was almost distraught as I couldn’t find an onion that looked fresh enough. The distress must have shown as the assistant who was restocking the vegetable section took one look at me and said ‘cheer up, it might never happen!’ But in my mind, the fact I couldn’t find the right onion was the worst thing ever.

Of course I can laugh about it now I’ve had plently of time to readjust to my new life.

Dirty Nappies

Hmm. Am still not quite laughing about these, but I do recall the very first major dirty nappy that J did. I opened the nappy up, took one look and promptly closed it again before calling Mr N to come and assist. I repeated the process and we both took one look at each other before bursting into hysterical laughter. I think it was the shock you see, rather than it being amusing, though looking back, the situation does make me smile.

Hair pulling

Where do babies get their strength? How is it that they can grip hold of something and hold on for dear life, even when you’re trying to prise their little fingers open? I have shoulder length hair, and even when it’s tied back, some straggly locks still come free, and J just loves to pull them. A fist full of hair doesn’t bother me as much as when J manages to grab just one or two hairs and yanks really hard. That really hurts (why is that?!). Mr N has also had similar problems, not with his hair, as that is short, but rather, his chest hair. There has been occasions when Mr N has been feeding J first thing in the morning in his dressing gown, and J has managed to get his hands in, grab a hair and yank it out! Granted, this isn’t particular funny when it has happened to you, but it does make me giggle a bit when I recount the story to others…

Baby sick

I’ve become resigned to the fact that we’re going to have to steam clean our carpet regularly now. Its become a running joke between Mr N and I that as soon as you forget to put a muslin cloth on your shoulder before picking J up, he’ll bring up his breakfast or dinner on you. Or the minute he crawls away from his playmat, he’ll do the same to our carpet. Oh, the mirth.

Not being able to wear decent clothes

Or knowing that I can wear nice clothes, but they will inevitably be covered in baby drool, baby sick, mashed up rice cakes or other delights within the hour. Thankfully Sainsburys do a pretty decent range of cheap tops that are just perfect for J to get his grubby mitts on.

Slimey hands

One of J’s habits as he’s grown older, is to chew his fingers for a few minutes, then, as mummy leans in to pick him up, out come the hands for a good wipe across mummy’s face. Or up her nose. Or worse, into her mouth! J knows he’s being naughty, as he always gives the loudest giggle as he’s doing it.

And I guess that’s what makes me smile – no matter how naughty or cheeky J is being, all it takes is his giggle and mummy is putty in his hands!

My Granddad recently commented that if he was stuck on a desert island, he’d want to have a tape recording of a baby laughing, as it’s the greatest sound in the world. And do you know what? I think he’s right 🙂