How do you keep your baby entertained?

Was hoping to update the blog earlier on today, but J was being quite demanding. Am hoping he’s not becoming a clingy baby. Every time I left him to play on his blanket and headed towards the PC to get some work done, he’d be wriggling across the carpet, commando style, and within seconds would be pulling at my leg to get my attention.

I ended up having to sit on his blanket with him whilst he played with his toys.

Which leads me nicely onto the subject of keeping a baby entertained.

Yesterday, I invented a new game of ‘washing basket dogems’, which involved J sitting in the basket whilst I dragged it around the living room. He was squealing with delight, so I can assume he enjoyed it, as you can see from the picture.

Enjoying being whisked across the lounge in a washing basket

Today, some of the things keeping J amused included a simple plastic rattle, some bubble wrap and a toilet roll tube. Usually it’s my flip flops that he heads for.  So much for all the expensive, fancy toys J has!

Has anyone else got any simple tips on keeping baby amused? Or any simple household items that your baby loves to play with? Would love to hear your stories.



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