Water Baby

I’d heard good things about Water Babies, the company that teaches babies to swim. I particularly like the idea of J learning survival skills should he ever fall into water.

Our first lesson was earlier this week. I felt quite apprehensive and had lots of thoughts going through my mind – would J like being in the pool, how was I supposed to change a wiggly wet baby afterwards and change myself, would my cellulite scare off the other parents, that type of thing.

Luckily, J took to the pool like a duck to water! He seemed unsure at first of what to make of this ‘giant bath’, but after a few rounds of ‘bouncy bouncy’ and ‘splish splash’ type songs he settled down, and was doing his favourite bath time activity of splashing his hands about in the water, showering our neighbours and their startled offspring in the process.

The scariest bit was when the instructor took J, swam him towards me and then, as I said ‘ready, steady, go’ dipped him under the water. J looked quite surprised as he came back up, but being underwater didn’t bother him at all. J’s favourite bit was when I was swimming him along on his front, he loved the floating feeling and was madly kicking his legs!

The half hour sped by and all too soon it was the dreaded moment of getting a wet J back into his clothes whilst simultaneously trying to stop him crawling away and drying myself. I won’t lie, it was tricky and uncomfortable – the changing facilities left a lot to be desired. Ultimately, J had a lovely time and hopefully will grow up loving the water, and that’s what matters.

My cellulite also didn’t seem to bother anyone, so that was a bonus!