Think that maternity leave is one big holiday?

Another busy week is almost over. Am taking stock of what I’ve achieved so far:

*Lots of washing and cleaning
*2 lots of food shopping
*A visit to town to pay a cheque into the bank
*Trip to the library
*Hosting lunch for my sister in law who was visiting from Gibralter *A play date with J and his friends
*Updating the Silver Butterfly website with lots of new things and changing the layout *Dinner out with Mr N
*Taking the car in for its annual service
*Visiting a friend
*Opening a Twitter account (SilverPrintsUK for any other Tweeters out there) *Joining Become a Mumpreneur – and viewing my first webinar! *making several new fingerprint jewellery orders

…Phew! And its only Thursday!!

As I’m at a craft and arts fair on saturday (Bablake Boys Club, Spon St Coventry, from 10am for anyone in the area), I might treat myself to a couple of hours off tomorrow afternoon.

And some people thing maternity leave is one big holiday!