Childcare Success!

After thinking long and hard, we decided that at 7 months, J was old enough to go to nursery or a child minder. This would give me some valuable time to focus on the business and would be good for J too.

It’s such a huge decision, putting your precious little bundle into someone elses care. All the worst case scenarios run through your mind – what if they are lax on security and he gets abducted? What if the staff are mean and leave him in a wet nappy all day? What if J hates it – and me for ‘abandoning’ him??? It didn’t help that another nursery child abuse scandal had just emerged and was all over the press. Even with all the safeguards and checks, these things do happen unfortunately.

Still, I had to think about this logically. Huge numbers of children go into daycare everyday and are fine. So I contacted our local family information services and got a list of childminders in our area then looked up their OFSTED reports before calling them for a chat. Good practice is to go and visit a few to get a feel for what they offer. As it turned out, only one minder had a part time place available on the days we wanted, so I went along for a visit.

It went so well that I booked up a place for J pretty much straightaway!

J had his first day there this week, and understandably, I was feeling quite apprehensive, but I needn’t have worried, he was absolutely fine and he had such fun that he spent the whole day giggling! In fact, I’ve had several comments since that he’s the happiest baby they’ve seen!! J loves socialising with the other children, and he gets to eat yummy things at lunch time which has brought his weaning on loads in just a few days. Its lovely when I pick J up too – he sees me and beams with the biggest smile and wiggles with excitement!

All in all, its been a great success so far and I’m sure J agrees!