New wheels

We’ve been thinking of getting a stroller for J for a while now. We’ve been using our travel system – Mothercare’s X-Cursion, since J was born. J outgrew the infant carrier seat by the time he was 3 months old. So much for it lasting the 9 months the marketing literature promised.

To be fair, I had read a lot of reviews of the system saying their little ones had outgrown it quickly, so its my own fault really. I was persuaded to buy it as it was lighter and easier to put up than some of the others, the purse friendly price tag was a bonus! (Ah, Quinny Zap, if only you weren’t so pricey!).

Taking the wheels off the thing to get it in the boot of the car was also getting tiresome. Our boot isn’t tiny, but the pram is just so bulky! Oh, and I kept forgetting to take it out before doing the weekly shop to Sainsburys (I blame baby brain for that one). I’ve lost count of the amount of times I’d merrily pull up to the car, trolley stuffed with groceries, open the boot, and damn it, there’s the pram. J found it most amusing watching mummy trying to fit loo rolls, nappies and bags of potatoes into the foot wells behind the seats in a manner that would make the inventor of Tetris proud.

I was getting quite concerned too as to how we’d fit everything in for our family holiday.

So what I’m trying to say, is that it was time to investigate new pushchairs.

Some internet research later and I’d found a place called The Baby Farm located near Rugby. It promised a large range of strollers from all the big brands, and at reasonable prices too.

My first trip was, let’s say, not successful. I got slightly lost and even my BlackBerry maps app couldn’t rescue me. In exasperation, I called the Farm to get some human assistance, only to find they were closed! Grrr…

The second attempt proved more fruitful. Mr N came along for moral support, and to read the satnav app just in case…

We got there with only a minor incident involving a u-turn and some shouting at useless road signs. And it was well worth the trek.

Honestly, I never thought I’d get so excited by prams. I reckon if my brain was hooked up to a monitor during a shopping trip and was set to light up when I saw something I liked, it would be like Blackpool’s illuminations, on seeing pushchairs (or bags, well I am a woman!).

The Baby Farm was awesome. So many pushchairs, where to start? Well not in the double buggy section according to Mr N. Even if the buggy did have cute crocodiles across the footmuffs. I was only having a quick look, just for future research…

The stroller section yielded plenty of options. I quite liked the Cosatto ‘Bob’ (what a cool name. I reckon all buggies should be named like that. Just think the Quinny Sheila, or the McLaren Maureen!).

We also tried a McLaren which we were quite taken with. The main point was that it needed to fit in the boot when folded down and the McLaren triumphed over the Cosatto on that front. The colour was good (a neutral coffee tone – also nice for girls. Well you never know…). Mr N also liked the way it cornered on its swivel wheels (see, having your husband there to test things like that is very handy). There were a couple of issues, like the fact I couldn’t undo the buckle or that the foot muff wasn’t available in a matching colour. Still, it fitted in the boot and that was the most important thing.

We were about to buy it when I spotted the Silver Cross Pop Vogue (also in a neutral coffee colour!). It had a little flap in the hood that you could lift to check on the little one without stopping, a bag on the back, drinks holder for mummy, and a matching footmuff, hurrah! Mr N also did a quick cornering test and was most impressed by its manoeuvrability and J seemed really comfy. Did I mention it had a drinks holder? Not that I’d let such things sway me. It also fitted in the boot with oodles of space left for shopping. Result!

Now I just need to go shopping to test my boot theory. I wonder how many bags I can fit in….