Blogs away!

Where to start?? Well I guess a bit about why I’m blogging is a good a place as any.

I often have random thoughts pop into my head, usually whilst doing such fun things as housework, changing a nappy, or doing the late night feed. I wanted to jot down these thoughts – some amusing, some more philosophical, partly so that J can have a read when he’s old enough, partly so I can look back and check if I really have lost the plot!

In a way, I guess this is also a diary of a first time mum. I hope I can share some interesting musings with you, dear reader; perhaps you will be able to relate if you are a parent, or perhaps I can convince you non-parents that having children isn’t just about pooey nappies, finding baby sick on your clothes when you least expect it, or being woken at all hours of the night, but is full of joy – seeing that little gummy smile for the first time, or hearing your baby laugh when you do something silly – and makes it so worthwhile, baby sick and all.

Happy reading
Sarah x